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Kylie Jenner

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  1. Sothear Thet

    Sothear Thet

    2 timmar sedan

  2. Mia Thomas_!!

    Mia Thomas_!!

    3 timmar sedan

    “Glamorous day time” so cute how that’s what it’s called 😂❤️

  3. Victor Hugo Tellez Luna

    Victor Hugo Tellez Luna

    4 timmar sedan

    Si so funny

    • Victor Hugo Tellez Luna

      Victor Hugo Tellez Luna

      4 timmar sedan

      Is so funny

  4. Leh uchooa

    Leh uchooa

    4 timmar sedan

    oty q fofa a filha da KYLIE JENNER

  5. carmalin toussaintf

    carmalin toussaintf

    5 timmar sedan


  6. selener


    6 timmar sedan

    8:11 the way she said kendall☠☠

  7. Yuzu Chan

    Yuzu Chan

    6 timmar sedan

    18:43 Money 😂

  8. Noe Florez

    Noe Florez

    7 timmar sedan

    Lo ve yo u k ylie j enner 📷💖💕💖❤💗😘

  9. Sun Shine

    Sun Shine

    7 timmar sedan

    Who is she's daughter's father ???

  10. Sham Persaud

    Sham Persaud

    8 timmar sedan

    I am very happy for Kylie'S successes .I missed her sweet daughter Stormi. Congratulations and Best wishes to this remarkable young lady for making money using her brains and feeling of insecurities has really propelled her to Hugh successes ..

  11. Kamila Coello

    Kamila Coello

    8 timmar sedan

    how cute they look together

  12. MAL Smith

    MAL Smith

    8 timmar sedan

    if ur reading this I want to let u know that God loves you so much that He sent His only son to die for you. His son then rose again defeating death, so now if u confess you are a sinner, repent of ur sins, and ask Jesus into ur heart as ur Lord and Savior, and surrender your life to Him, you can have eternal life!! You can live a life full of peace and joy and love if you just accept the gift God’s blessed each of us with!! God loves you and I hope you’re having a great day today love!😊🤎

  13. Manu Paffa

    Manu Paffa

    9 timmar sedan

    See the love that we put into it meanwhile its nothing then just chemical 🥴

  14. Manu Paffa

    Manu Paffa

    9 timmar sedan

    There lot of celebrity who are rich but no one showoff their things than Kylie Jenner lol

  15. Tiger-Lily Sky

    Tiger-Lily Sky

    9 timmar sedan

    It’s funny bc I find myself judging this family so much but I also eat up every second of the videos kylie posts lol It’s hard to respect them when they act like they’ve never had work done.....but besides that, they are truly very funny, nice, entertaining ppl and it’s not hard to see. I would do ANYTHINNGG to have their lives. To live in complete comfort knowing all finances are taken care of, any health issues I can get medical attention for, any insecurities I can get fixed....having all the help you might need to take care of your home/cars. Having a desire to be in a different weather climate & just GOING. Having a craving for a specific food/experience and being able to satisfy that craving without question if it’s possible. Knowing if I go out I’ll get mobbed so it’s an excuse to live in my own bubble (I’m very antisocial lmao) It’s easy to be grateful for what you have when you see those less fortunate than you..but I’m gonna have a hard fucking day after watching this series & some of her other videos lolll fuuuuuuck

  16. vitali wells

    vitali wells

    9 timmar sedan

    Can we all just take a look at all those begs-

  17. Vasi


    9 timmar sedan

    All day I do is makeup makeup and makeup.....

  18. Ananya Mishra

    Ananya Mishra

    11 timmar sedan

    They are so funny😂😂

  19. Judy chang

    Judy chang

    11 timmar sedan

    love you two so much, kendall was like getting crazy, that's so funny

  20. AyoPearl


    12 timmar sedan

    From where is kylie top

  21. morea musliu

    morea musliu

    12 timmar sedan

    To be honest, Kylie was never thankful to people that subscribe to her channel, or she never said that, am i wrong? in 1 video she reached 11Milion subscribers, i mean... thats a lot.

  22. Ana Carmen Ezquivel González

    Ana Carmen Ezquivel González

    12 timmar sedan

    No entiendo ni mergas pero te amooooooooooooooooo

  23. Lucas Brasil

    Lucas Brasil

    12 timmar sedan


  24. Rukaya Hamid

    Rukaya Hamid

    13 timmar sedan

    So cute 🥰

  25. Dawn Makanaka Pfupa

    Dawn Makanaka Pfupa

    13 timmar sedan

    A queen 👸

  26. Koya pandey

    Koya pandey

    13 timmar sedan

    So you're telling me that people hate her for having cosmetic surgeries and having the fame?? That's very unlogical I mean that makes no sense. all of the Kardashians have the fame but still Kylie turns up to be that success full girl she dreamt of bieng. people judging her is so upsetting. People point out her insecureites rather than her achivements? Stop. She's a real badass queen boss. forever appreciating her

  27. Manvika kaushik

    Manvika kaushik

    13 timmar sedan

    She's beautiful but she looks way more cute❤️❤️ in this pink dress😍🤗🤗.

  28. june smith

    june smith

    13 timmar sedan

    so cute sis luv u

  29. Almas Kovuru

    Almas Kovuru

    14 timmar sedan

    She looks like shruthi hassan

  30. A SU

    A SU

    14 timmar sedan

    Kris Jenner needs to write a book on building brands & businesses.

  31. Sofia Alicia

    Sofia Alicia

    15 timmar sedan

    non related opinion; kylie might be a show off or rich person , but shes a really great great mother for stormi💕

  32. Kimkardha Shian

    Kimkardha Shian

    15 timmar sedan

    THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE SEXISMSEX.UNO JOJOS SE-one: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. SE-one: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков...

  33. Angel 66

    Angel 66

    15 timmar sedan

    Wooow very beautiful 😍 Kylie and Stormi

  34. Isy


    15 timmar sedan

    Wow she destroyed her face whats happening? Also cosmetic will not help after These desaster

  35. Жасур Эркинов

    Жасур Эркинов

    15 timmar sedan

    Mommy and daughter it's so amazing

  36. Larisse Haiuri

    Larisse Haiuri

    16 timmar sedan


  37. Daniel Vega

    Daniel Vega

    17 timmar sedan

    I like them more when they are drunk than sober

  38. Safa Qazizada

    Safa Qazizada

    17 timmar sedan

    Your sooooo pretty!

  39. Afsha Mehajabeen

    Afsha Mehajabeen

    17 timmar sedan

    Please kylie your's full home tour🤩

  40. Яна Белоусова

    Яна Белоусова

    18 timmar sedan

    Когда ты понимаешь, что маленький ребёнок знает английский лучше тебя… when you realize that a small child knows English better than you…

  41. mounesh badiger

    mounesh badiger

    18 timmar sedan

    Kylie Jenner is a such emotional and,,, innocent girl 💕💕💕

  42. •Games with Ame’s•

    •Games with Ame’s•

    18 timmar sedan

    Even though kylie has some plastic surgery , she is still ssooo beautiful like omg! 💜

  43. Souria Lesole

    Souria Lesole

    18 timmar sedan

    A i love stormi thé cute

  44. •Games with Ame’s•

    •Games with Ame’s•

    18 timmar sedan

    Stormi is the definition of ✨cute✨! 💜

  45. Mfundo Ngcobo

    Mfundo Ngcobo

    18 timmar sedan

    your relationship with stormi is so special

  46. Fariha Rahman

    Fariha Rahman

    19 timmar sedan

    Lol... Nothing but plastics.... Plastic plastic bloody kardashians plastic... Are.... Made by chemicals.... Is they have any kind of beauty that Given by mother nature........ Nothing but plastic surgery.... Lutfun dear Lutfun... Plastic... After Their death Their body must be restore... In american national Museum.....

    • Chetna Sree

      Chetna Sree

      14 timmar sedan

      Umm if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it Keep it to yourself No hate ,they worked hard and they also go through a lot of hate So pls

  47. Army Blink

    Army Blink

    19 timmar sedan

    How the heck she pick the little things with her long nails 😂💗

  48. Sevde Naz Sezer

    Sevde Naz Sezer

    19 timmar sedan

    kylie you are a perfect mother it's so good that you take care of stormi no matter what you don't get mad at her i love you ❤❤

  49. Amber Boukema

    Amber Boukema

    19 timmar sedan

    kendall=model kylie=kylie make up kim=skims kourtney=possh comment if im missing somthing

  50. Amber Boukema

    Amber Boukema

    19 timmar sedan

    this is the cuttest sister-sister bonding time and the fact kylie made a pallet called kendallis so cute

  51. Ng varpi 29

    Ng varpi 29

    19 timmar sedan

    It’s very inspiring to see strong women s it gives the wake up call from procrastination 🤍 wake up !!

  52. Saeed Ariefdien

    Saeed Ariefdien

    19 timmar sedan

    At this party is only girls and gay boys eww

  53. Eva Moeng

    Eva Moeng

    20 timmar sedan

    Do a video of GRWM with Hailey Bieber

  54. Eva Moeng

    Eva Moeng

    20 timmar sedan

    Kris Jenner should be a makeup artist

  55. Leah Bobby

    Leah Bobby

    20 timmar sedan

    🤍 🤍 🤍

  56. Anamika Ahlawat

    Anamika Ahlawat

    20 timmar sedan

    Home tour

  57. Noemi Nergjoni

    Noemi Nergjoni

    21 timme sedan

    But When Ariel smiles he is joker admit it

  58. Júlia


    21 timme sedan

    stormi is so cute omg😭😭😭😭

  59. Ancy Siyad

    Ancy Siyad

    22 timmar sedan

    I love u soo soo doo much 🥺❤️✨

  60. Pritika Dhawan

    Pritika Dhawan

    22 timmar sedan

    Kourtney looks the same and beautiful without makeup too

  61. I like turtles

    I like turtles

    22 timmar sedan

    She doesn't need any foundation . Her skin look soooo good even without makeup 👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰

  62. Shristi Subba

    Shristi Subba

    22 timmar sedan

    When she say Butter in my mind - Smooth like butter like criminal under cover

  63. ୨ Mimi & Liz ୧

    ୨ Mimi & Liz ୧

    23 timmar sedan

    I tried making these with the exact recipe and it was delish! Stormi is honestly the smartest kid I’ve ever seen.

  64. angelina   gomez

    angelina gomez

    23 timmar sedan


  65. b GmA

    b GmA

    23 timmar sedan

    -06:44 clashes (the one of kylie wasn't on purpose ) then kim to kylie was soo on purpose

  66. Tristan Leigh

    Tristan Leigh

    23 timmar sedan

    Kylie got a new nose this month

  67. Dipali Chakraborty 10thC'16'

    Dipali Chakraborty 10thC'16'

    23 timmar sedan

    Kylie looks soo cute when she smiles....omg of her smile 😍😍😍

  68. イ刀乇リノ


    Dag sedan

    ❤️❤️🇭🇰🇮🇩 GBU😍

  69. Extra Free Time

    Extra Free Time

    Dag sedan


  70. Ilianis berrios

    Ilianis berrios

    Dag sedan

    I love how she told. Stormi that is Jesus birth day she is including him in her life and for her to know about Jesus

  71. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    Dag sedan

    Why do people hate on her? She's so smart to turn a basic idea into an empire and she invested her own money. what's to hate?? it's something to look up too

  72. Ronnie Wildheart

    Ronnie Wildheart

    Dag sedan

    Bring back Punk plz was my fave shade

  73. Ronnie Wildheart

    Ronnie Wildheart

    Dag sedan

    The Halloween collection was one of my favorites. Can we please get an other one

  74. izzy


    Dag sedan


  75. Connie B.

    Connie B.

    Dag sedan

    ok we get it, you're a working mom